A Social Experiment Or A Series Of Personal Choices?

A trick, a ruse, shadows on the wall…

where power resides, possibilities rise to make another feel small

What authority decides a thought or an act, to any given interpretation?

what you choose to see and believe, comes from carefully persuasive…

Forged By Fire: A Survivor Of The Flames

People you are not enough for, you will never be enough for -and they can’t be enough for you!

Stop living your life through another one’s eyes, be the full version of you

Live lavishly lust full.

Stay savagely sweet,

Be beautifully…

When the monsters in your head and your demons come to play, and you can’t find rest or comfort and your peace is chased away.

When nothing good makes sense, and sleep is just a dream. You know your barely living, just existing in between -hope and giving up, cause…

Goodbyes never lie:

Standing in the rain,

screaming at the sky

A voice inside me whispers,

help is on the way


Falling to the ground,

my hands raised to the sky

You heard my crying,

you said, help is on the way


How many days now , god…

In the mist, down a lane, off the well beaten path,

through the weeds, to the dark water’s edge.

Two shadows emerge, draped in netting and wire,

despair and hope hanging low on their nets.


An old fishing pole strapped to the back of a boat,

with a waterlogged…

A Life Well Lived, And A Timeless Love (in honor of my folks)

Lemon drops and cherry trees

bright blue skies, a summer breeze.

Remembering all those kisses sweet

captured now as memories


I hold you captive in my heart

so where I go, you go

I’ve missed you…

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

Telling stories my heart needs to tell

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