My Life:

Rejection hurts

the truth sets you free

What works for you

may not be for me

Once desired and loved

soon discarded and lost

When push came to shove

you got out at all costs

They write better than you

she was half his age

You write what you’ve been through

he just tore out that page

He had a son with her,

still you can’t walk away

She took from you what was yours,

you were given the blame

Keep it up, you’ll improve

pack your things and get out

To write best, get a muse


A Tribute By Titles To The X Ambassadors:

new music available today 9/24/21

Photo by Megan (Markham) Bucknall on Unsplash

I’ve been caught red handed in the eye of the storm,

it’s not easy — reliving an unconsolable form.

I’ve spent many years trying to capture my Zen,

memories serve only to increase the adrenaline.

I fight emotional giants from my ultraviolet tragedies,

big brother, you said, no matter what, that you’d go down with me.

Something else I learned, while listening to the things you said,

Hey child, in this jungle, I believe that love is dead.

Though you’ve reached into the low life, deep inside…


Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

When broken is different

than the broken before

And you just can’t find happy

you don’t smile anymore

You feel you’ve lost all the pieces

of who you once were before

All but given up

a mangled mess on the floor

— -

When struggling becomes normal

you cry more than you laugh

When surrender comes easy

submerged in aftermath

When the wounds become trophies

and you give up the fight

When your choices no longer define wrong or right

When you question your sanity

and take all the blame

When you quit trying to be…

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

I’m an imposter

I am a fraud

I am the farthest thing from perfect

I swear to god


I am impatient

I’m sometimes a jerk

I wear my feelings on my sleeve

I set myself up to get hurt


I am a dreamer

I love to laugh

I sometimes make jokes at myself

I cover up when I’m sad


I will tell you I’m fine

I will say I am sorry

I will push down my emotions

I don’t want you to worry


I take on too much

I don’t know how to say no


Photo by Manon Boyer on Unsplash

Windemere Peaks bare witness to -

endless cascading stars.

As providence manifests itself

amidst kismet cathedral skies.


Moonlight revealing romantic gestures,

keeping secrets, yet to be told.

A blanket of flowers congregate in bloom,

Displaying feasts for adventurous eyes

Is it where you come from, maybe?

Is it somewhere that you’ve been?

Or a moment from a time you’ve never seen.

An image lost in memory,

or a story that you’ve heard.

Connected to you with invisible string?


Do you ever think about it,

getting lost inside a picture?

Set the stage, imagine, then simply letting go.

Surrender, disappearing from where you are, to far away.

Somewhere, no one else will ever know.


What’s the scene that captures you,

makes you feel like you’re alive ?

Where do you feel the most like being home?

Somewhere you’d…

Happiness, hope, and honesty,

fill the place that I call home.

Hugs and help surround me,

no matter where I go.

Harmony and heartfelt honor

mixed with sincere humility.

Lovely humorous hearts,

make these humans dear to me.


Occasionally one may see fit,

to verbalize observations made.

Other occupants object,

to opinions openly opaque.

Once otherwise peaceful onlookers,

become obstinate and ornery pests.

But, love for one other overcomes

and openness eventually outlasts.


Multiprocessing the magnificent measure-

of my modestly made lineage.

I ponder at the multilayered masterpiece of family.

Motivating me meticulously,

with effortless grace and ease,

You’re home!

Come on in, child, give me a hug.

I’m so glad to have you home.

I have some supper on the stove,

please, help yourself to some.


So, tell me how you’re doing, honey,

fill me in, all about your day.

You know I love to listen,

I sure have missed your face!


It’s true that life gets busy, baby,

. hard to believe how fast time flies by.

You know you’re always welcome here,

I’ll be your mama all your life!


Are you sleeping? You look tired,

is there something I can do?


This house evolved and changed me,

and I have changed it too.

From vacant rooms with boxes,

broken heart consumed with gloom.


I came upon this dwelling,

a safe harbor from my storms.

It offered needed separation,

and four walls to keep me warm.


It’s heart like mine, showed all the signs,

it once belonged to someone else.

It bore the colors of another,

wore their dust upon its shelves.


I too was cold and bitter,

wearing pain like chipped up paint.

No room for any real feels,

needing too, to be maintained.


The floorboards creaked…

My Own Enemy:

— — — — — — — -

If it’s a bad choice,

I’m gonna make it.

If it’s a questionable conversation,

then, I’m sure I’m gonna say it.

If it’s the wrong way,

I’m bound to take it.

I’m all about mistakes and testing sensibility.


I give out second chances,

like salesman gives out deals.

I make decisions on a whim,

like -what to eat for my next meal.

I jump right in, then roll my eyes,

my life’s a gamble, roll the dice.

I forget myself completely,

Slick like Muhammad Ali on ice.


Kelli Sheckler-Amsden

Telling stories my heart needs to tell

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