A dreamy vision of visceral escape

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readFeb 13, 2024

Beautiful tragedies that forbidden love makes

Casually cementing caskets of cerebral choices

Dreamscapes of daring ignoring the voices

Erasing the lines between real and imagined

Fateful steps of a lover with fiery passion

Graceful movements of a metronome in sync, keeping time

Hard and fast are the measurements, etching a line

Intimate desires leading to quiet seclusion

Justifying decisions living lost in illusion

Keeping the secrets to continue the lie

Losing control letting go of your pride

Melting together creating connection

Needing each other to offer protection

Oblivious to danger lurking deep in the shadows

Powerful attraction in the dark shade of Van Gogh

Quiet reflection giving way to forever

Romantic gestures with illusive endeavors

Stealing away hiding entwined in the sheets

True love has a way of leaving you incomplete

Understated emotions left drawing conclusions

Various struggles overcoming delusions

Waking to find it was all just a dream

X-rated and misleading, not at all what it seems

Yesterday has a way of saying what you want to hear

Zealots convinced, there is nothing to fear