Are You Serious? Get Out!

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readSep 7, 2022

Mr. sandman, this isn’t my dream,

looks are not what’s important to me.

Rose clover lips — don’t make me feel rested.

I’ll sleep with the fan and deal with mild congestion.


Sandman, leave me alone,

I’m doing just fine down here, on my own.

Please turn down that blasted beam.

Mr. sandman, I need some zzzzzz’s.


Sandman, you know what I need?

A good nights rest, so I can quit the visine.

I’ve had enough of your -romance and glitter -

I want to sleep all night and not use the shi****


Sandman, I’m sorry, I’m sure you mean well.

But, take all your promise’s and go straight to……


Ok, maybe one thing…

I want a king sized comfy bed spring.


Sandman, get out of my room,

pawning your friends, at this hour is rude.

The only thing I need is your disappearing -

Unless you’ve got something for deep REM-ing


Sandman, let’s make a deal,

If you go away, I’ll agree to meet Neal.

Dude, for now I want to sleep.

Mr. sandman- bring me,

Please, please bring me,

Mr. sandman bring me — some zzzzzz’s.

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