Bridge Over Troubled Water: Burn it Down, and Learn to Swim

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

I’m done, I’m done,

absolutely, fucking done!!

I’m sick of catching punishment,

from your momentary fun


Tired of taking on your blame,

because you are unhappy.

And the way you talk to me

the snide remarks when you are crappy


There is no way in hell you love me,

no way you care at all.

Cause every time that she fucks up,

I’m the one who takes the fall!


I love your son, I really do,

you may never know how much.

But, I cant take this disrespect,

I refuse to be your crutch!


I feel so dumb, so stupid!

That I gave you back control.

I wanted to believe so much,

our future was your goal.


You played it good, I’ll give you that,

you sure do hide that side well.

I questioned my decisions,

I ignored the flames of hell.

Had me second guessing my own vision,

trapped, like in some spell.


You punch and kiss equally as hard,

somedays, I can’t tell the difference.

You’re the one who holds the cards,

I’m the one left incoherent.


Today you got your jab in,

like I had done something wrong,

“go look in the mirror”, you said to me.

It’s your same ol’ dance and same ol’ song.


I hope that made you feel good,

I sure hope that it was worth it.

Later, you will say you’re sorry,

I will still feel like shit.


What’s crazy is SHE’S the one who made you mad!

She poked you with that stick!

But I’m the one you lash out at,

the one you treated like a dick!


We are no longer married,

you made that decision clear.

I don’t know what is wrong with me,

why am I just standing here?


Allowing you to take your aim,

delivering your blows.

Why anyone would stand for that,

heaven only knows.


I'm angry, yes, that much is clear,

But I never spoke out of turn.

I think this bridge I’m standing on,

Is one I really need to burn!



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