Dance of the Butterflies

my flower garden

Vibrant zinnias bold and flashy, embolden bees and butterflies,

delicate daises dressed in beauty, like a bride adorned in white.

All of nature stops to notice, after long from slumber wakes

Frogs and crickets sing a sonnet, while geese and humming birds take flight.


Oh what wondrous sights await us

On this journey to explore.

All of creations truest treasures,

Unfold like gifts to be adored.


Fragrance fills up all the senses, scents asend and fill the air

Summer-sweet, daphine and lilac, were there one to quiet compare.

Ladies strive to match its wonder, tell them true, you should not dare.


Come sweet sun and save the night sky from the dark and shadowed hues.

Bring the warmth and colors full, for there is much for us to do

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