Davy Jones

Slid up under the door

softly, without a sound

a postcard on the floor

waiting there to be found

No sirens to alarm me

no warning it gave

seemingly carefree

a message sent from the grave

It read, remember the sandcastles

built tall under the sun

The red and blue tassels

before the storm had begun

The call of the wind chimes

and the songs the birds sang

Recalling the good times

echoing loves sweet gentle pang

Then the door was flung open

fear escaped from my mouth

Evil had awoken

I heard deaths deep, hollow growl

No-one left to save me

I surrendered my will

And was drug out to sea

under Davy Jone’s swill

The past never forgets

the sea always remembers

You will pay for your debts

in hell’s deep burning embers

Originally published at https://vocal.media.