Her Heart Is A Home For The Feral Things

Her heart is a home for the wild things

Ones too broken, to be left unseen

The ones with unheard, unsung melodies

With no worries about what’s in between


Feral emotions that protect from unfaithfulness

Brokenness — bearing scars from another

Finding a place full of hope and companionship

Healing wounds, finding strength in each other


Yes, her heart is a home for the wild things

If you find yourself lost and alone

Come on in, drop your worries and stay awhile

If you are lonely my friend, welcome home


Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

There is value in transparency

The world will take what it wants from you

She fills you with her love, for free


Her heart is a place for the feral things

Acceptance without any strings

Originally published at https://vocal.media.