Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
2 min readOct 30, 2022


I bought an old cupboard from the house down the lane,

it was larger than the tree in my yard.

It fit through the doorway with plenty of ease,

but went up the stairway, quiet hard.


It fit perfectly where I thought it should go,

but when I arrived in the room the next day.

It confronted me with its doors opened up wide -

Like it had something it wanted to say.


Confused, I closed the doors up again —

and proceeded to enjoy my day.

After hearing loud noises and banging about,

when I inquired, it appeared somewhat dismayed.


So I turned it towards the window -

Sometimes a new view helps to see.

What might have happened to upset it this way,

and help make it a bit more at ease.


For a time that helped, It stood beautifully strong,

then my mother came by for a stay.

And again, something seemed to be dreadfully wrong -

So I returned to the house down the way.


The old man inside smiled and asked me my name,

said he went by the name Mr. Tumnis.

He told me the cabinet had a mind of its own,

and hid secrets inside full of purpose.


When I scoffed at the notion he pulled out a scarf,

said put it on, and enter the dresser at night.

But what ever you do,watch out for the white witch,

and never dare- eat her Turkish delight.


So I put on the scarf, and I opened the doors,

feeling silly and almost afraid.

And I crawled into the back of the dresser,

folded my arms and decided to wait


I guess I must have fallen asleep,

For when I opened my eyes — I let out a gasp -

Sitting there neatly placed, on the top of my knees,

was an old faded book in my lap.


Of the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

Telling tales of adventures through time -

The cabinet served as a portal -

And now, that adventure was mine.