I run when I’m scared, I cry when I’m mad. I make the biggest mistakes when I am anxious or sad

When I need you the most I will push you away, I say things I don’t mean when I’m m feeling afraid

I hoped you knew me enough to see through all my mess, to overlook and forgive the things I do when I’m stressed.

But I pushed you too hard and when I felt the pushback I helped build a wall and we Cant take that back

We have cemented the seams with sharp edges on top, to keep one another down, separated locked out.

There have been tender moments a mist these hard times. and I felt for a season we just might survive.

There I go again thinking, planning dreams in my mind, fixing rearranging making up for lost time.

But that’s just what it is, time thats lost,put away. feelings, words, moments in a box rearranged

But things are the same, do they ever really change. we still are where we are alone, broken and maimed.

Time will heal we’ve been told. and I’m sure that its true. I will go on as me you will go on as you.


Its the us that I miss, the us that showed off, that had everyone saying how amazing it was how well we connected how it seemed effortless, thats what we lost that’s the us that I miss.

Telling stories my heart needs to tell