I’m A Writer Of Make Believe

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readNov 10, 2022

I write for the release — the flow gives to me,

now I want to stir something in you.

Vast emotions created, as you delve in to see,

are the words visually moving you too?


I come back time after time — to see if you’ve seen,

the words blended together; I’ve offered.

Hoping you’ve found them, and they’ve served to please,

bringing peace, hope, desire and laughter.


Can I get you to comment, have I moved you to move,

have my words weaved a thread through your veins?

Moving under your skin, getting you into the groove,

until you cling, chained to the words I might say.


If you see my name, and your urge is to click,

to reveal the message I’ve chosen for you,

Then we are bound by the words, imprinted in ink,

and the writer’s connection is true.

Originally published at https://vocal.media.