Imagine the comeback

when you stand for yourself,

and they look at you, mouths opened wide.


And you lay down the law,

tell them what you will take,

no longer running to hide.


Imagine their faces,

filled with shock and surprise,

as you take back what’s always been yours.


How lost they will feel

as they realize,

It’s you, showing them to the door!


Do you like how that sounds even more how it feels?

Yeah, I know, that goes for me too.

Why the hell did we wait so long?


To figure out who we are,

Or, who it is we want to be.

But up on our throne where we always belonged


Imagine the comeback,

it’s yours for the taking.

No one dares keep it from you.


Its your badge of honor,

and it’s time to reclaim it.

You have nothing further to prove.


Welcome back my dear friend,

lets get to living this life.

You have no one to live up to, but you!



Telling stories my heart needs to tell

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