Life Isn’t For Sissies

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readJan 23

Snow falls, gently all around me, Henley, on the radio.

The lyric ponders more than peace, delivers longing, to go home.

But home is not a place I am familiar with these days.

I don’t recognize the content; I don’t recognize my face.

The one staring, blankly at me, from the mirror in my room.

The one that promised it would be ok, just don’t give up on you, too soon.

Seems I’m a stranger to everyone I know, especially myself.

I don’t remember how I got here, don’t know how to ask for help.

The urge to scream out loud, has never been so strong before.

I want to ravage each thing in my path and throw it to the floor.

Hours of effort and support for everyone, in their darkest days of need.

But, roles reversed, not a single one- would even think of me.

Self-pity, maybe a little -

More like, I’ve had enough.

Loyalty, like Elvis, left when things became too tough.

I’ll shadow my own back, with no apologies.

Forgiveness doesn’t come, until you’ve fallen on your knees.

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