Long ago

Long ago seems far away, a time hidden away.

In reality, I believe it is just lost. Lost in a memory or a moment that left an important impression.

A mark that changes you, if even just a little. Imprints made, yet unseen. Some are huge and brilliant. Bold and remarkable. Others have been so small that it takes some effort to remember.

But in quiet reflection, made the biggest impact. Changing who you are or who you would have been had it never happened.

Each of you have made a mark, like a tattoo on my heart. Deeper still my soul bares the signs you were here.

Gently and sometimes not so gently, carving and designing your place in my world. Making me, changing me, almost redoing everything I was.

Now I show no signs of anything I was before you. I am not sorry I changed, not sorry for the scars, the marks that prove I was with you.

I am unashamed for surrendering and I am continually thankful I was yours, long ago

Originally published at https://vocal.media.



Telling stories my heart needs to tell

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