Love “Socks”

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
5 min readFeb 1, 2023

Joyce was running late; she was always running late. It became a joke with her friends, “if you want Joyce to show up on time, tell her we are meeting an hour earlier than we really are, then — maybe, she’ll be on time.”

Joyce hated that, but she couldn’t argue it, she was always late.

She and her girlfriends had been planning this trip since last Valentine’s Day, when Joyce’s husband of 5 years, gave her a special gift. He informed her that his co-worker was having a baby…oh yeah, and it might be his. Her world fell apart, but her friends were determined to help her through it.

They helped her pack up her things and find a new house. They took her out on the weekends to keep her spirits up. That is when they decided to plan a trip to the Bahamas, to celebrate a year free of tainted love. Everything was set, and tomorrow at 7 AM, she was to meet them at the gate, for their exciting adventure.

So here we are, Joyce is finishing her packing. Everything is going smoothly, except, she can’t find one of her socks. You know, you put two in the dryer and inevitably, one gets lost.

The girls had planned a few excursions on the trip, one of them being hiking, and she needed the mate to this sock. She had torn the house apart trying to find it. Frustrated, she decided she would just pick up a pair of new socks when they got to their resort.

She tossed the single sock into her bag, zipped it up, carried it to the car, and climbed into bed, anxiously awaiting her adventure.

She parked her car and grabbed the shuttle to the terminal. Her friends, and everyone at the gate — cheered and even released balloons, celebrating both: she was on time, and it was Valentine’s Day!

Sitting in first class, they all shared a glass of champagne, toasting fun and luck over their upcoming escapade.

During the flight, Joyce confided to her closest friend, Trish, about her frustration trying to find her missing sock. She admitted that they were socks that Darrel, her ex, he had gotten them for her on one of their trips.

She hated admitting, she still missed him, but days like Valentine’s Day, resurrected emotions that kick your ass, and then laughs, sometimes.

Trish assured her