Midnight Visits

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readFeb 1, 2023

I wander the halls like a traveling mist

revisiting faces I love on the wall

Captured and framed, like a magical kiss,

time passes with no effort at all

Frozen moments I hold captive in time,

try to stay, but the sun pulls me back

A barless prison, where I serve out my time

mourn my loss, wearing shadows of black


Changing perspectives, and the smile on my face

speeding ahead, like a runaway train

In the midnight hours I travel alone,

longing again for those sweet yesterdays

To some, may seem strange, that I cling to this place

life is meant to be lived in the present

But those memories so dear, happiness for me has been rare

I fear what I had, has been spent


It’s 6 am, I’m back at it again,

dreams once again, left behind

Weekdays and the same old routines

surviving some nine to five

The world doesn’t stop, moves along, with no sound

through the motions, completing the day

Until tonight, when midnight rolls back around

and those happy memories come out to play

Originally published at https://vocal.media.