Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
2 min readJul 6, 2021

Have you ever heard a song that takes you back in time? Consider this thought.

Music is the ultimate super hero of the senses.

From Zeppelin and Springsteen to the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac No matter the style, the results are the same.


Here and now, in another place,

moments I thought were lost in time.

New beat and different sentiments,

with the same melody and rhyme.


Haunting thoughts of a past life,

I was sure I had let go.

I hid them all away inside, so that no-one else would know.


It’s magic how a melody,

rejuvenates the senses.

Replays the scenes of days gone by,

without the pain or consequences.


A virtual fountain of youth,

we bathe our memories in.

Oh god, what I would give- to be in that place again!


Its been years,

but I remember.

Like it was yesterday-

That music in the background was the song we used to play.


Hearing it now, transports my mind,

to moments melancholy sweet.

Childhood dreams and promises,

We thought we’d always keep.


But time is like a river,

always changing as it flows.

And we, are paper boats, afloat,

the current wills us where to go.


Back to adult responsibilities,

life's pressures and demands.

To taking care of family,

the future and it’s plans.


But then our hero comes along,

takes our spirits far away.

Lost in the lyrics of a song,

in the words of yesterday.


For a moment time stands still,

and we let down our defenses.

Thanks to this powerful thing called music,

the superhero of our senses!

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