My palette

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
2 min readMay 19, 2021
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I felt neutral till you saw me

I was empty and void of a shade

A chameleon of sorts visually unseen

My true beauty, was yet to be displayed


At least that’s how I saw my reflection

I know now that wasn’t true

Pain and grief bore truth in conception

When my true colors came shining through


I was blue when my heart was broken

black and red when I fought for my pride

Green and yellow when my truths were spoken

Pink and cream as I healed inside


A variety of feelings surround me

I have an abundance of laughter and joy

Where I once felt completely unseen

Colors of the rainbow are now mine to employ


I discovered that I am amazing

I am strong and I’m able to love

what once I thought would destroy me

Instead made it clear, that I’m enough


These colors now serve as my armor

Symbolizing a victory of sorts

Worn proudly as a bright badge of honor

Proof of passage, a treasured passport

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With the lessons I’ve learned I am able

To help others find their colors too

I use my strengths to heal and enable

Those who are struggling to improve


My heart now beats red with compassion

Blue for others consumed in their hurt

Purple with purpose and elation

when I can help someone else from the dirt


What do you see when you look at me now

Do you see all my colors displayed

I am an array of different emotions

A vast Collection of strength on a page

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What I have to offer is special

My experiences make me unique

I can help change my world around me

I need only to stand up and speak


No more waiting on someone to tell me

What my colors are or what they can do

I have all I need to begin and reveal

Bringing my palette in view

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