She’s beautiful

But not in a conventional way

She’s fragile

But it’s amazing what she can take


She’s powerful

But falls to pieces by the strength of a word

She’s emotional

But careful so she doesn’t get hurt


She’s tender

But tougher than you think that she is

She’s bold

Will see it through till the very end


She’s patient

But she knows just what it is that she wants

She’s anxious

But that’s what being broken down does


She’s forgiving

But don’t let that make you mistake her for weak

She’s healing

Tries to help in all that she speaks


She’s here now

Don’t you let her slip from your grasp

She wants love

but she won’t beg you or ask


She is every woman

Imperfect, but kind

A breakable capable human

Weary but resigned


To love where love is needed

My art work is original, created by my daughter, Wynter Rhoads. If you have an interest in her work, please contact me. Thank you for your time

@_wybter instagram



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