Sometimes Social Is Too Social

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
8 min readJul 30, 2021

She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes. Charlie knew it was a bad habit and she hated the taste, but smoking seemed to help keep her alert and her mind occupied.

The long hours were beginning to take a toll on her, but she loved her job. Charlie started her new adventure 6 short months ago. Her colleague Dale, although nice, seemed a bit off. He was extremely quiet, but crazy knowledgeable, he knew the ins and out of the job like a boss. Her main goal was to learn everything that she could and use it to become the best.

Starting at the bottom didn’t faze her a bit. Her father always told her, “know everything the janitor knows and spin it like the CEO, then you can teach people a thing or two. You can’t know too much Charlie!” So, cleaning tanks, and making chum to feed the sharks after hours, was just the first few rungs of her ladder.

Charlie first became aware of the open position- from a follower on Tic Tok. She had become so social that her Tic Tok family knew every single detail of her life and plans during this time.

She applied for the job and was ecstatic when she learned she was the one candidate out of 100 to land it. Another huge benefit to taking the position was it included a room, in a shared flat community. She would share all common areas.

As soon as it was official, Charlie sent a thank you to Tic Tok user #4696968669, whose reply was, “you owe me, I will collect on that soon .”

She was a little nervous at first to take the job, so much had changed in her life so fast.

Her plan was to take the biotechnology courses she needed at Northwestern and then transfer to the University of Miami, where she would delve into biology and ecology courses, she would need to become a Marine Conservationist.

She fell in love with the ocean from the first time she and her parents traveled from Arizona to California to be at the water’s edge.

Her first visit to the ocean was when she was about 6. Her father put her on a surfboard and took her out as far as out as they could touch. There, they became one with the water. They played and dreamed and planned out all the things they would do to make the world a more friendly and safer place. Protecting the…