The Fairest Of Them All

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
2 min readFeb 14, 2024

Alabaster cutis, willowy was her skin

Brittle underneath, ornamental and thin

Canvas translucent, soft and creamy to touch

Devils cure to help and ease the nerves in a clutch

Either way it happens, it all comes out in the end

Fatal doses needed when behavior’s condemned

God’s quickly rearranging and renewing his plans

Hell’s another scheme, a backup work of art

Incidental happenings, jumping right off the charts

Just a little wink, or subtle twitch of his hand

Keeping it all breezy for her at his command

Letting her choose freely to be beauty or beast

Might lend to entertaining or amusing at least

Never could he have imagined just how wild she would be

Onyx was her heart the deepest shade of midnight

Porcelain by day, the devil’s shadow at night

Quivers run the spine of her former ex-lovers

Religiously she’d steal their souls from under the covers

She tangles and she meddles and confuses the mind

Till every single bit of good has been left behind

Until now, no-one would dare to retell the tale

Visceral the fear but goodness needs to prevail

Whatever you do, beware the wiles of her ways

Xiphoid is her tongue with its steel all ablaze

Youngman heed the warning, don’t fall into her web

Zob’s the name she’ll give you, when she gets into your head


** Xiphoid : sword-shaped**

** Zob : Early 1900s slang for a fool or a simpleton**

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