The Fixer

The line between in-sanity

a mark few understand.

Some days you’re barely hanging on

other days it’s well in hand

Depressions like a monster

a villain you can’t see

It comes and goes in shadows

It varies in degrees

You make it through one day

with a smile in its place

Get home at night, turn off the lights

put a pillow on your face

Tears comes in waves like the ocean

floods come, it’s hard to breathe

You’re the life of the party livin it up

at least till everybody leaves

Most have no clue, there are two of you

The pleaser and the martyr

To keep everybody happy

you “Jekyll and Hyding” your disorder

Won’t ask for help, you don’t know how

and here’s the biggest clincher

You wont let anybody see

That you. can’t fix the fixer