The Fly, The Dragon And The Unstoppable Magic Of Love

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
10 min readNov 9, 2022

“What I’d give to be a fly on that wall, to be an unnoticed observer of a particular situation.”

If I had a pile of dung for every time, I’ve heard that, I’d be a happy fly. Wanting to know the ins and outs of someone else’s private life, seems to be the wishes of many- but let me tell you- being an actual fly on some of these walls is not for the faint of heart.

That’s what got me in to this situation to begin with. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss, sometimes knowing what you shouldn’t, well, let me catch you up.


She was beauty in motion. There wasn’t anyone that looked at her that didn’t wonder what it would be like to have her affections. But she had no desire to belong to someone. She did what she wanted when she wanted and with whomever she wanted. Freedom was her lover; the wind and midnight sky her companions. She wanted for nothing.

Except the joy of her child.


She had loved once, as a human, and it nearly killed her. She loved so intensely that it burned a scar onto her heart — so deep, that she feared she would never love again. He betrayed her. The worst kind of betrayal, offered her everything, delivered it and then took the very thing that made her human.

He arrived at the village that day, beaten and bruised, on his horse, dragging the child’s carrier behind, on the ground. Everyone stopped what they were doing and gathered to get the answers to the story he was about to present to her. She collapsed in the doorway when she saw the empty demolished and dismantled carrier. As he collected her and closed the door behind him, the entire town began to whisper. Varied scenarios and explanations. Torrid and heart wrenching, alike. There were no limits to the reasons they came up with for what they had just witnessed.

Except the truth, but they never would have been able to make this sort of horror up.

I had been eating in the stable next to the tavern when I heard the commotion. So, I decided to get a closer look. I flew in through the open window, resting on the table. He was getting her a damp cloth for her head as he began to tell her what had happened. While the cloth was on…