The Witch And Three Wishes

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
3 min readFeb 1, 2023

Farmer Grimm was in the field, but couldn’t get his crop to yield. So, he wandered through the woods to find some help.

He happened onto a wild willow tree, with a trap door hidden underneath, got himself all tangled up, inside a trap.

Out of the roots around the tree, stepped a curious old woman. Dressed like a goddess who had fallen straight from heaven.

She smiled coyly at the man, as she circled like a spider, welcoming the confined farmer to her coven.

He begged and pleaded, for his life, the witch decided to be nice and said “OK, I can help you with your plea.”

“For the spell to take effect, I’ll need some salt, but just a speck. And a rare and precious root, from a dragon tree.”

Then, she added, “just a little more, a left tusk from a wild boar, and any tooth you choose, from a pigmy sloth, with toes of three.”

The farmer argued and he fussed, spit his chew out, then he cussed. “You cursed woman, how do you expect me to find these things for you?”

The witch said, “I don’t care, you have no business being here and if you want my help, that’s what you’re going to do.”

She blinked her eyes, and twitched her nose, the root the farmer held, arose, and released him from the sneaky trap that…