Trying to find the pieces of this broken heart.

I don’t know how to make it through,

still feeling completely torn a part.

How am I living in a world without you?


I made it through the fire, but I still smell like smoke

Knowing that I’m lucky,

but it hurts to let you go.


Cause if I never loved you

If Love never felt that deep

It would be easier to go through

And this pain would let me heal


Time, an invention in reality we will never understand

It takes loss to feel having

And we’ve all felt that firsthand

And I know, I just don’t wanna understand


I keep asking myself

why it had to be this way,

they say it’s gonna take some time

But Im lost in yesterday


And you’re not coming back

Because the grave is just too far for me to reach


If I never loved you,

If love never felt that deep.

Then it would be easier to go through,

And I wouldn’t let this pain- keep me from healing.


When I’m quiet, listening closely,

I can almost hear you say.

This is not the girl that I so boldly raised.

Today’s a brand new day,

so get up and get going-

One step at a time,

just get out of your way


Don’t you know I’m still with you love?

I will never go away.


And because I did love you,

I did feel a love that deep.

I know that I will make it through,

And you’ll always be a part of me.

And I will heal in time ❤️

I love you mom


Telling stories my heart needs to tell

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