Uncommonly Beautiful

Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
2 min readFeb 1, 2023

Don’t you dare contain my wildness in your opinion box

I’m far too rare — to fit in its four walls

Just look at me, the definition of a paradox

Beauty and brains, defying logic of Neanderthal’s


For far too long you’ve measured value by the way that someone looks

Think you can quote the book, by its glancing at its cover

But you have no idea the consequence your ignorance of me, unlocked

If you had used your head, you would have pre-discovered


That my ability to be myself these days, is effortless

It took some time, but now I thrive on the unique

For years I’ve tried to rise above the indifference

Social rules that oppressed and quieted the weak


Who I love, what I wear or how I view myself

Does not depend on your point of view, at all

So, take your guilt and shame and shove it high — upon a shelf

And settle back under the rock, from which you crawled


I’m quite content with the ones I surround myself with

They love and support — all the way’s I am uncommon

I decline the brow beatings, from an old wife’s tale, myths

We communicate with love, respect, and calm


I hope one day, appearance doesn’t play a part

In the way someone is weighed and duly measured

That we will have learned that quality comes from — deep within the heart

And the unlikeliest, becomes a character trait we treasure

Originally published at https://vocal.media.