We’re all Someone’s monster

We’re all someone’s muse

Someone with something another can use

Kept for what we can offer

Don’t care how you feel

a friendship of convenience

Cause, none of it’s real

You’ve done it too,

Don’t pretend that you don’t

You’ve taken from someone

something- that you now own

Not like a thief

You don’t steal things

Just emotions and feelings

for something, exchanged

You give and you take

For this and for that

Then give it away

For something better than that

Its all a big ruse

There are no crimes being committed

Just a sale of a few things

That are no longer needed

The tragedy is

When all is said and done

You’ve managed to use

and get used by someone

No harm and no foul

Its just how it goes

Its a fantastic way

From letting anyone close



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