When ships are on the horizon

And sailors set sail

When the bar maids stop serving

their liquor and ale


When the sun’s sinking low

In the far away sky

And moon and the stars

Are gathering nye


When the maidens all cry

And they kiss their goodbyes

when the land becomes distant

A vision fading with time


When the towns become quiet

And the dogs fail to bark

And the town closes up

With no movement at dark


And the owls can be heard

Singing their soft lonely song

Then you know that for now

All the men folk are all gone


For a time, it is still

No one wrestles or fights

Young boys take their charge

As the man for a time


The women sing songs

And tell their children at night

Stories of the ships out at sea

With their sails full in flight


Tales of victories and war

And of the grandest of treasures

Some are fierce and profound

Some full of fancy and pleasure


When the ships on horizon

And the storms start to roll

Everyman buckles down

Holding tight to the hull


And they pray for their lives

And the ones that they love

Mother’s, father’s, Daughters,

Sons and their wives


Working hard to keep this large ship- belly down

Keeping eye on the land

As to not run aground


When it’s calm

They do chores

And they dream of the day

When the ships on horizon

find fair weather days

Just outside of their bay


But till then they work hard

Different ports, different towns

And they work without sleeping

awaking as the ships bell resounds


They eat together in the galley

And together swab the deck

Sometimes they get ornery

The true life of a roughneck


But they are bound like brothers

Shed the same blood and sweat

And will defend one another

So, don’t you forget


If you’re messing with one

you will get the whole crew

Cause brothers are brothers

Whatever you do


While the ship is on the horizon

many things have to change

For the families left behind

Their whole world’s rearranged


Where once children would play

Hide and seek or some tag

Now they are responsible for cleaning

and boarding the nags


No school for a time

used to make a child laugh

Now they must carry water

and boil it for a bath


The women are tough

they can handle a lot

Shoe a horse, fix a barn door

and tie a nautical knot


She is good in the kitchen

she can hunt fish and fight

She can fight off any creature

with her gun late at night


She knew what she was in for

when she fell for that fella

And she’d do it again

cause he sings a mean acapella


And he captured her heart

like a pirate at sea

Promised visions of treasure

and man, could he sing


He sang songs of glory

songs of thrills and of love

He vowed he’d be true to her

swore on the powers above


And she surrendered her heart

gave her life to him gladly

And soon after: a son and

daughter for daddy


She would fight for this man

leave you broken and bruised

Till your begging for mercy

there’s no measure she won’t use


To protect her family

her babies, her man

No fiercer warrior

could you find in the land


Make no mistake,

she is still a lady

even with fire in her heart

she is delicate and lovely.


Her loyalty is strong,

and her will she relies on

Till she finally sets her eyes

on that ship in the horizon


Weeks have passed, days are long

still they persevere on

Getting ready to greet

this man they love, that’s been gone


There are easier lives

and they dream of the day

When they have all they need

And he won’t go away


On the ships that sail

far off on the horizons

Searching towns just like theirs

stealing its men for their shipmen


But for now, they prepare

making ready a feast

Keeping eye for his ship

sailing in from the East


Bringing gifts, maybe gold

and he will tell tales of their bounty

And the town will be filled

with everyone from the county


Celebrating as one

that the ships have returned

Till the last light is on

And every sailor sojourned


Then in peace they will sleep

dream of ships in the night

And the new day that’s coming

basking warm in the firelight


But for now, they are content

as a family once more

No searching for ships on the horizon

whilst alone on the shore


And they know they are lucky

and enjoy while they can

For this life is no life

for a fair-weather man