Kelli Sheckler-Amsden
1 min readJun 14, 2021


Why don’t we steal away

What does it take to steal away,

into a door from yesterday.

A smile, a thought, a moment past,

one, once you wished would never pass.


A sight or sound, A stolen kiss.

Great memories begin like this.

A touch or two, A secret kept,

a lovers breath upon your lips.


A late night call, knock on the door.

Emotions high, like none before.

Can’t get enough, can’t walk away,

breathless sigh begs, for you to stay.


And so you do, surrender all.

With no regrets, after the fall.

It’s more than you could dream about.

Wondering how to go without.


Another day, turns weeks to years.

But thoughts like those don’t disappear.

It’s cemented in your heart and mind,

of your bodies intertwined.


That night you dared to taste the thrill,

let go and know no shame.

Everything was beautiful,

as he softly spoke you name


Time never fades or locks away,

those moments that you shared.

After all these years, still- no one can compare,

to the fantasy of that memory made

all those years ago.

When you gave in to passion,

that your mind just won’t let go.