Yeah, I knew I recognized this place

I’ve been here a time or two before

The view looking up from the bottom.

How did I end up back on the floor?

Just before I reach the top

You push me down again

Offer your arm to help me out

then you pull away your hard

How is it I fall for this game

The hide and seek, your it, without me

With no warnings all the rules change

And I’m on the losing team

I thought we had a connection

A powerful bond with invisible string

But you keep me for your protection

Then walk away like I don’t mean a thing

Fool me once they say, shame on you

Fool me twice its shame on me?

Yet after 3 or 4 more times

I think I need some new instincts

If I don’t, I won’t survive

I’m drowning in your assurances

I need to get a grip or else

Some basic life insurance

I need help fast, I’m fading

If fact, I just don’t wanna care

Just fill this hole with water

Watch me struggling for air

my fight gets less aggressive

I find after all, the waters fine

I’ll take one final long deep breath

Then sink back down inside

Below the waters surface

Close my eyes and drift away

To a place of gentler tides

and lovely dreams of yesterday



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